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Psalm 39:7 AMP

"And now, Lord, what do I wait for and expect? My hope and expectation are in You." I think one of the hardest things about being a Christian is playing the waiting game. How often do we pray, ask, or even beg for something but it it doesn’t arrive when we want it. God does not work in the ways we think He should. God calls us to hope and believe that we have the things we pray for… before we ever see them…which goes against human logic..this is the reason many fail to see the break through or miracle they need..because they pray and if they dont see it right then.. they give up thinking God hasn’t answered… But God says believe and KEEP believing you are healed even though you still feel the pain…say you are prosperous even in the midst of overwhelming debt…know you are righteous even when you sin.. and remember you are My beloved even when you are unlovely…this can be such a struggle when you feel like you won’t make it another day, that you are certain that your ready, or this just has to be the person your meant to be with…is God holding out on us? Does He like to see us suffer? …Is He unfeeling and indifferent to our problem?…The answer to all these questions is absolutely NOT…He understands you more than anyone else..He loves you and wants to bless you more than you want to be blessed…However He wants us to chase after Him rather than His blessings…He wants our faith to be in Him only…and He wants His blessings to improve and not hinder us… Your Father hears every prayer spoken and unspoken…no tears that fall go unnoticed…I promise you that He will never be late…you may bend but you will never break…and that nothing surprises Him and nothing is to difficult for Him…Trust Him even when you don’t want to…even when its hard…He will not disappoint you. ..For our God is mighty and forever for us♡ #Jesus #blessed #hope #Grace #prayer #waiting #peace #love #instablessed #bible #God #Yahweh #gospel #Yeshua

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